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Storage Heaven, a division of MEI since 1992, is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of Standalone LTO Ultrium Tape Data Duplication and Migration Solutions.


Storage Heaven, a division of MEI since 1992, is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of Standalone LTO Ultrium Tape Data Duplication and Migration Solutions.


Overland Storage Specialise in Tape Library, Tape Backup, Autoloaders, NAS and SAN


ExaGrid Fastest, Most Scalable Disk Backup with Post Process Deduplication


Ritestor NAS and Raid Solutions






Riverbed Steelhead, Cascade, Granite, Stingray and Whitewater

Alcatel-Lucent OmniSwitch and OmniAccess (Datum)




Ask Datum, We Are Expert in Data Storage, Backup & Restore, Disaster Recovery, Wide Area Network (WAN) & File Management




Datum Data Storage, Protection, Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

Overland Storage

Overland Storage is the trusted global provider of effortless data management and data protection solutions across the data lifecycle. By providing an integrated range of technologies and services for primary, nearline, information over time. Whether distributed data is across the hall or across the globe, Overland enables companies to focus on building their business instead of worrying about data growth.

Overland SnapServer, SnapSAN, NEO and REO solutions are available through a select network of value added resellers and system integrators.
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ExaGrid Systems

The ExaGrid system is a plug-and-play disk backup appliance that works with existing backup applications and enables faster and more reliable backups and restores. Customers report that backup time is reduced by 30 to 90 percent over traditional tape backup. ExaGrid’s patented zone-level data deduplication technology and most recent backup compression reduces the amount of disk space needed by a range of 10:1 to as high as 50:1, or more, resulting in a cost that’s comparable to traditional tape-based backup.

With offices and distribution worldwide, ExaGrid has more than 3,500 systems installed at more than 1,000 customers, and over 250 published customer success stories and testimonial videos.
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Sphere 3D Corp. (NASDAQ: ANY) delivers virtualization technology and data management solutions that enable workload-optimized solutions. We achieve this through a combination of virtual applications, virtual desktops, virtual storage and physical hyper-converged platforms. Sphere 3D’s value proposition is simple and direct — we allow organizations to deploy a combination of public, private or hybrid cloud strategies, while backing them up with state of the art storage solutions at an affordable price. Sphere 3D, along with its wholly-owned subsidiaries Overland Storage and Tandberg Data, has a strong portfolio of brands including Glassware 2.0™, SnapCLOUD™, SnapScale®, SnapServer®, V3, RDX®, and NEO®.
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Tandberg Data

Tandberg Data GmbH is a company focused on data storage products, especially streamers, headquartered in Dortmund, Germany. They are the only company still selling drives that use the QIC (also known as SLR) and VXA formats, but also produce LTO along with autoloaders, tape libraries, NAS devices, RDX Removable Disk Drives, Media and Virtual Tape Libraries. Tandberg Data used to manufacture computer terminals (e.g. TDV 2200), keyboards, and other hardware as well.
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Datum Network & WAN Management Solution

Riverbed Technology

Riverbed is the IT performance company. WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed liberate businesses from common IT constraints by increasing application performance, enabling consolidation, and providing enterprise-wide network and application visibility – all while eliminating the need to increase bandwidth, storage or servers. Thousands of companies trust Riverbed to deliver greater productivity and cost savings by making their IT infrastructure faster, less expensive and more responsive.
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The long-trusted partner of service providers, enterprises, strategic industries and governments around the world, Alcatel-Lucent is a leader in mobile, fixed, IP and Optics technologies, and a pioneer in applications and services. Alcatel-Lucent includes Bell Labs, one of the world's foremost centres of research and innovation in communications technology.

With operations in more than 130 countries and one of the most experienced global services organizations in the industry, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with global reach. The Company achieved revenues of Euro 16 billion in 2010 and is incorporated in France and headquartered in Paris.
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